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Are you ‘allowed’ to evolve your Early Years Practise?

I continue to be shocked at how closed minded some leaders are in Early Years. In an industry that expects children to think for themselves and challenge their thinking, people are being told how to think and who's style of Teaching to follow... like sheep.

Some trainers are even telling people who are looking for help and support not to look at anything else to only read their blogs, buy their books and only attend their training courses.

I have to unfollow people at times for fear of being brainwashed and sucked into that closed and confined way of thinking and become a sheep.

Some people will never be reflective or supportive enough to look at someone else's ideas or listen to others. However there are of course other leaders with meaningful ideas who are open minded and reflective in their practise enough to see that one size doesn't fit all, that there is 'more than one way to skin a cat' and what works for others doesn't work for everyone.

Everyone has their own pedagogy and while it is nice to interact with others whose is similar to your own there should not be judgement on those who do not share yours.

We all need to break out of this hypocritical culture and be reflective and respect and value everyone. We need to make up our own minds by looking at everything to reflect and evolve our own pedagogy.

Early Years Staffroom isn't dictated by one theory or expert and supports everyone's ideas and opinions. 

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