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Have you ever looked at something like this Diwali Activity and thought this would take ages and cost too much?

I used to too. However, I bought 4 packs of tesco value rice, got some vinegar out of the cupboard and the amazing Wilton icing colours as well as some big sandwich bags. That is all you need.

All you need to do is pour a bag of rice into the sandwich bag. Then mix a teaspoon of colouring with a tablespoon of vinegar in a separate cup or bowl. Then pour into the bag of rice, seal and shake!

No cooking its as easy as that!

Next step is to put the bag of rice into a large jug and start your Rangoli pattern.

This activity is nice to do but that not why we do it! It is to give children a taste of the traditions of celebrating Diwali so children can see the differences in traditions for Understanding the world. It also helps fine motor skills for Physical Development, understand patterns for Maths, enables conversations for Communication and Language. This activity also supports the characteristics of effective learning for children to have a go at different activities and active learning. Not to mention promoting British Values with mutual respect and tolerance for different faiths. For individual liberty we focus on children's self-confidence and self-awareness and people and communities and this activity also supports this. So what’s not to like? I hope to see lots of your Rangoli patterns next week!

If you need any inspiration on ideas for planning for Diwali see our enhanced planning for continuous provision here.