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Guided Maths Number 30-50 Secure


This Guided Maths planning is based on number and is for the objectives working at secure 30-50 months. Each week has 3 activities which are ideal to work in small groups for around 5-15 minutes, there are 5 weeks in total. Alternatively, you could stretch them out over 15 weeks doing 1 activity a week. Each activity includes fun and practical teaching with using hands-on resources and introduces numicon. The objectives covered are; Show interest in representing numbers, compare 2 groups of objects saying when they have the same number, realises not only objects but anything can be counted like stairs, claps, jumps,  sharing, match number to quantity, recognise 1-5, 1 to 1 correspondence. See also our resource: Questions and Words for the Environment to have all on the walls to bring Mathematical Language into play.

Guided Maths, Number

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