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Guided Maths Number Reception Year – NEW EYFS


Early Years Maths

This is 9 weeks of fun and fresh Maths planning in small groups, outside where possible, for around 10-20 minutes to do three times a week in Early Years. This is for the new EYFS goals for Maths and covers the following objectives:

  • Deep understanding of 0-10
  • Count actions, objects and actions
  • Subitising
  • Number bonds to 5
  • Number bonds to 10
  • Doubling
  • Compare quantities up to 10
  • How to distribute quantiles equally
  • Count up to 100 recognising the counting system
  • Explore and represent patterns in number like odds and evens

Guided Maths

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Guided Maths Planning New Pilot ELG 2020

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