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Guided Maths Planning New Development Matters 2020 Nursery


Guided Maths Planning New Development Matters Nursery covering the following:

  • Recognise up to 3 objects / Recite numbers past 10 – hide and seek / say 1 number for each item in order
  • Know that the last number reached when counting a small set of objects tells you how many there are in total, show fingers numbers up to 5, link numbers and amounts
  • Experiment with their own symbols and marks as well as numerals, solve real world maths problems up to 5, compare quantities using more than and fewer than language
  • Talk about and explore 2D and 3D shapes – language straight, corners, flat, round, - understand position through words alone for example the bag is under the table, describe a familiar route – discuss routes and locations using in front of and behind
  • Make comparisons between objects relating to size, length, weight and capacity – select shapes appropriately – flat surfaces for building, a triangular prism for a roof etc. – combine shapes to make a new ones
  • Talk about and identify the patterns around them – for example stripes on clothes designs on rugs and wallpaper, use language pointy, spotty, blobs – extend and create ABAB patterns – notice and correct and error in repeating pattern  - begin to describe a sequence of events real or fictional using words such as first and then.

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Nursery Maths Planning New Development Matters 2020

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