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Religious Education (RE) Progression of Skills and Assessment Checkpoints – Year 1


This resource provides a structured framework outlining the key skills and learning objectives for RE in Year 1.

This covers:

- Familiarisation with key religious stories and figures: Introduce students to the main stories, teachings, and figures from various religious traditions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism
- Basic understanding of religious practices and rituals: Teach children about the various religious rituals, practices, and symbols associated with different faiths
- Learning about celebrations and festivals: Explore the major religious celebrations and festivals that take place throughout the year in different traditions
- Development of moral and ethical understanding: Encourage children to reflect on the moral and ethical teachings of various religions and how they relate to their own lives
- Promotion of respect and tolerance: Foster an understanding of the diverse beliefs and practices within and between religious traditions, and promote respect and tolerance for others' beliefs and traditions
- Encouraging questions and critical thinking: Encourage students to ask questions about religious beliefs and practices, and help them develop critical thinking skills when exploring religious ideas
- Introduction to religious vocabulary: Teach children basic religious vocabulary and terminology to help them understand and discuss various religious traditions
- Engagement with religious art, music, and literature: Expose children to religious art, music, and literature as a way to further their understanding of different religious traditions
- Connecting religious teachings to everyday life: Help students make connections between religious teachings and their own lives, as well as the broader world around them
- Fostering a sense of community and belonging: Create a safe and supportive learning environment where children feel comfortable discussing religious ideas and sharing their own beliefs and experiences

Year 1

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