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Fantastic Books for Reception Teachers!

Reception books

 Reception Books - Early Years Staffroom Toplist!

Here is a list of reception books that we rate highly.

Foundations of Literacy – A balanced approach to language, listening and literacy skills in the Early Years by Sue Palmer and Ros Bayley

This book is fantastic for Pre School, Reception, Year 1 and interventions. It provides really fun teaching ideas to develop children’s language and listening skills. If these skills are not learnt before starting Reception, children will face a huge barrier to learning literacy, no matter how old they are. The activities in here are not your usual ‘sit down and do’, but mainly games that excite children and help them learn more effectively.  The chapter about storytelling is a must for Reception children as it nurtures their imaginations; something many are lacking due to these important skills being missed! Buy the book here


Sculpting Stuffing and Squeezing Carry on in Key Stage 1

There is a lot of focus on art in Early Years, with the majority of children at the ‘expected’ level upon entering the Reception Year. Therefore, it’s important to provide challenge in this area. This book helps give ideas for art that are a little different from the usual paint, collage and junk modelling (often looking like the same junk that it started as!). It introduces children to wood, wax, clay, stuffing and fabric. This book is also beneficial to use in a Year 1 class that values the EYFS practice of learning through practical skills, and want children to be able to build on these. Buy the book here


The Reception Year in Action by Anna Ephgrave

This book is amazing for anyone interested in ‘In the moment planning’. It gives you ways to focus on ‘focus’ children each week. The main issue is that you would need a lot of freedom and support from your SLT to solely use this method of teaching. Plus it can make it difficult if you prefer to be more flexible with which children you work with. However, it produces great results not just academically, but also emotionally. Overall, it is very useful to look at the amazing pictures and get ideas for resources that will help children develop their play. Buy the book here


From Vacant to Engaged by Alistair Bryce-Clegg 

Who has had that person come into the classroom and say: “They are not really learning, are they? They are just playing!”  If you have, and you want to tackle this view, this is the book for you! It helps you move away from Topics and create your own curriculum. This book takes you through the stages of writing development, it helps you create an exciting environment and it gets you to focus mainly on process, not the end result. Buy the book here



Made you Look, Made you think, Made you Talk! By Gaynor Weavers

This book is great for embedding the characteristics of effective learning with investigations, communication and language. It’s full of fantastic confidence-building lessons, such as helping someone escape… freezing a lego man inside an ice cube and wrapping it up in foil! The lessons really challenge the children, while getting them talking and having fun. Buy the book here