Early Years Staffroom

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The Early Years Staffroom phonics planning is unique, interactive, energetic, exciting and uses senses, as well as being simple and easy to follow.
Access to a smartboard is needed but there are plenty of opportunities to take the learning outside! As with all interactive and exciting teaching, there are a lot of resources needed but most can be made and collected cheaply. There is a list of resources needed at the top of each block of plans.

A plan is just a plan….

As always with pre-made plans these should be adapted to meet the needs of the children you are teaching. For example, instead of using a whiteboard to write a word you can use a small tray with dried sand and the children can use their finger. You may also need to reteach and consolidate the sounds if the children have not picked one up for example before moving on. Each session aims to take around 20 minutes but because they are very active and often outside it is easy for the children to remain engaged. However, if they become unengaged during the session adapt it there and then. It is a good ideal to do phonics after children have had a snack or lunch. The Early Years Staffroom phonics planning uses the Letters and Sounds order (below), however these plans can be used and adapted as needed to fit your school’s scheme. Click on the phase to go to the resources.
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