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Using A Curiosity Cube – by Miss Grey and Play

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Last term we added 'The Curiosity Cube' to our provision after being inspired online.
My poor other half sacrificed his Nespresso coffee displaying cube for the children (who needs their coffee in a cube anyway?!) so a special shout out to him!

To give you a little background I am based in the Nursery of a large primary school with an amazingly diverse and language rich population, so I am always on the magpie for communication ideas.
We placed the curiosity cube was on the snack table and did amazing things for promoting questions and wondering. Some weeks I have just found random things in the supermarket. Other weeks it has closely linked to our topic or key learning.
I change it weekly and as opposed to it being a 'display' and I include a lone item for discussion. Some of the things I have included are...
  • coconut - ginger root - mint

  • coral  - starfish - crucifix

  • seaweed - amethyst - daffodil bulb

  • dead wasp


By far the best was the coconut. To my utter surprise barely any of my children knew what it was. One was even completely terrified and ran away from it! It served as a reminder about how broadening my children's experiences is so important. The moment that I cracked it open with a hammer and we drank and ate the contents was simply amazing.

You will be pleased to find out that our scared little one actually took a bite.

Since its introduction it has moved onto the window ledge next to the snack table. It is now accompanied by books; some on the senses and others that change depending on the contents. I also added some question word prompts and title from Early Years Staffroom (www.earlyyearsstaffroom.com) which have a lovely wooden background.



Early Years Educational Blog
Curiosity Cube Banner and Questions Resource


Educational Blog
Curiosity Cube Banner and Questions Resource


This has made it feel more of a 'complete' area and is more easily noticed by visitors... but obviously the children haven't noticed any of that.


Have you used one in your setting? What have you put inside? 



The Curiosity Cube’ a blog post by Miss Grey and Play.

I'm a Nursery teacher in a diverse, two form entry primary school near Manchester. I have taught in reception but after travelling and teaching in KS1 I have returned to the EYFS and started connecting through social media as @missgreyandplay. I am inspired by Reggio and Hygge approaches but aim to balance this with limited time, money and the current educational climate!