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Being bullied at work? Put a stop to it

We get many messages from Teachers and other staff who are being bullied by their SLT or colleagues. 3750 are signed off with stress. Unions don’t seem that helpful nor have we found is Ofsted. Usually the only option is for the Teacher to leave full of anxiety. While the bully gets away with it.

This is not right, why are we letting bully's get away with discrimination?

Would we if we were being hit at work?

This is affecting the mental health of our Teachers! Many end  up suffering with PTED as a result of this and the pressure of Teaching. This cannot continue to be brushed under the carpet and deemed ‘part of the job’. We cannot continue to advise people to leave for the sake of themselves.

It is worse each year, not better. Nothing is changing. It’s crazy! Bullies have to be held accountable and if they do not know they are bullying they need educating.

The Early Years Staffroom are taking a stand against it and we will do all we can to make a change for the better for the mental health of all Teachers.

Firstly if you are worried you are a victim of bullying or you are not sure but you feel anxious, unable to sleep, scared to go to work please keep a diary of ALL things that lead you to feel this way.

The next step is to have your case assessed by an Employment Law Solicitor  or Citizens advise.  To support you with this you can contact the National Bullying Helpline  on 0845 22 55 787.

The Early Years Staffroom makes a monthly donation to the National Bullying Helpline  as we are an ethical company who supports the health and well-being of Teachers and all staff working in Education. We want to make a change and together change can happen.

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