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We have needed this for so long, I deliver literacy training to Early Years Practitioners and will be using the Phonics Phase 1 Planning

Lyndsey Sapiente
Early Years Foundation

The planning is well explained and easy to follow. They have made my staff feel more confident already

Charlotte Kosikowsky
Early Years Manager

Can I also say that I recently subscribed to your website and it's amazing!

Katerina Nas

The resources are fabulous and save me so much preparation time. There is always something that I need and I really enjoy knowing that I am on the right track in terms of my early years pedagogy. It's a fabulous site!

Kelly Louise Beeley
Early Years Teacher

Now I have my Sunday back... great support and advice.

Jane Johnson
Early Years Teacher

There is so much creativity and there are wonderful resources on this site!

Charlotte Lesley Heudebourck
Early Years Teacher

This website has inspirational ideas, is time saving and perfect for the well being of my staff.

Kelly Bosher
Early Years Leader

A brilliant website made by someone who really understands what good early years practice is. It has lots of useful resources for the children, teachers and EYFS leaders. It has saved me lots of time and has provided me with lots of useful information. Thanks Early Years Staffroom!

Laura Warren
Early Years Teacher

I really like having support from people who really understand where you're coming from!! So helpful in my NQT year!

Lydia Ellen
Early Years NQT

Best Inspiration and information at a great price and easy to navigate.

Diane Wilkinson
Early Years Teacher

I really like all of the fantastic resources - so useful, money well spent!

Nicola Tatters
Early Years

The topic enhancements save my life!

Molly Lynette
Early Years Teacher

We are so pleased that everyone who has signed up to the website has said that they are saving time and are impressed with the quality of the resources on offer, in particular the planning. It is our aim to save teachers precious time. To see that we are achieving our aim is humbling. We are providing Early Years Resources that are based on an up to date and shared pedagogy.

Katherine Houghton
Early Years Staffroom Founder

We share our knowledge so you save your time.

Our aim is to provide everything you need to educate in the Early Years. We provide quality resources created by experienced practitioners for a low price.

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  • Hundreds of Quality Resources, Planning Templates and Brainstorm Ideas for Enhanced Planning created by Early Years Experts
  • Bespoke Active and Practical Phonics Planning
  • Bespoke Guided Maths Planning
  • Resources made to request with no additional charge
  • A Calendar of Celebrations with information and ideas
  • Keep current with the latest news in Early Years
  • Learn new skills and improve your practice
  • Join a Community of likeminded Early Years Practitioners with free access to the Staffroom with anonymous posting
  • Knowledge that your subscription will never increase
  • Stress relief