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Yes it is included and invoiced separately. If you would like a VAT invoice please email us at [email protected].  Early Years Staffroom VAT Registration No : 352345512

You can change your card details if you go to my account, my plan, click view, change payment, you can then select Paypal or Credit Card and enter your details then you will need to authenticate your card then save. 

Everything is included in the subscription there are no extra costs at all.

If you are a school or nursery you can get a school/nursery subscription and this gives you up to 5 log ins (licences) if you are an individual Teacher or Childminder who is purchasing this for your own use only then you can get the individual subscription.

Our planning is all editable. Our unique planning is copyrighted so cannot be copied.  If you find resources that are not editable please send us a message and we can edit them.

The date of the payment is the same date you joined on. If you could like to change it please email us on [email protected].

If you would like to see a sample of a resource, please send us an email to [email protected].

We do not sell resources separately however the subscription is remarkable value and we are confident that you will not be disappointed with over 1500 resources and planning and training videos.  

You can cancel your subscription for your membership at any time. You will continue to enjoy your benefits until the end of your current subscription period.

If you would like to cancel your subscription please go to your account settings and cancel.

If you have joined on a monthly plan you minimum term is 12 months.

We have 3 packages to suit your needs:

Individual Membership
The membership costs is £99.00 plus VAT for a single user for a duration of 12 months. Starting from the second year, your subscription will shift to a monthly fee of £7.99 plus VAT and will remain so until your subscription is cancelled. 

School/Nursery Membership

The membership fee is £320.00 annually, in addition to VAT.  With this membership, you receive 5 user licenses to access all our website resources. Please note that your subscription will automatically renew after 12 months unless cancelled.

Individual Monthly Plan 

For a single user, the cost is £12.99 monthly plus VAT for a minimum duration of 12 months. After the initial 12-month period, you can cancel the subscription whenever you wish.

Once you are a member your subscription price will never increase as long as it is continuous.

You can choose to pay easily and securely through your PayPal account. Alternatively, we accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express. We also allow payment for Schools or Nurseries by bank transfer, to arrange please email [email protected].


Due to the nature of the digital download subscription it is not possible to “return” downloads and ensure they are no longer used. Therefore, we do not provide refunds for new subscription purchases.

No not at all, you get all downloadable resources currently on the site and the many added each week absolutely free. Rest assured there will be no increase to your subscription in the future once joined. We only put the price up to new members each year as the website grows.

If you are unable to log in to your account this means it has been closed following non-payment or cancellation. You will need to re-join on the join now page. 

If you are able to log in, please update your card details and let us know by email [email protected] that you wish to continue. 

No your subscription will never increase in price as long as your subscription has been continuous. If you cancel or miss a payment you will need to re join at the new price. Our price increases to new members every year to reflect the content added every week. 

Please send us a resource request to [email protected] and we will create it for you. We create all resources requested. 

Yes please send us an email to request a sample at [email protected].

You are able to print off your invoice from your account section, under my plan, then scroll down. 

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Choose from the following membership plans.

EYS School/Nursery Plan
£175.00 now for which gives you five licences for membership for 1 year. Your subscription for the second and subsequent years will be £14.50 per month. Join now before the price increases along with our new benefits.
EYS Individual Plan.

£58.00 now for one licence which gives you membership for 1 year. Your subscription for the second and subsequent years will be £4.80 per month. Join now before the price increases along with our new benefits.

EYS School/Nursery Plan

£384 for 12 months membership for 5 users, your subscription will auto renew until it is cancelled.

EYS Individual Plan

£118.80 for 12 months membership for one user. Your subscription in the second year will continue on a monthly rate of £9.60 until it is cancelled.

EYS Individual Monthly Plan

£15.56 per month for 12 months for one user. Your subscription is for a minimum of 12 months and after this period it can be cancelled at any time.

You will not need a membership to any other site, our experts create any resources that you request

The price you join with will never change as long as you

If you would like to pay by invoice instead please email [email protected]

Payment by invoice includes a £30 administration fee.

Your subscription will run until cancelled. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy 

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