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  • Record your personal teaching journey
  • Stand out to employers and appraisals
  • Document your professional development
  • Reflect on your practice
  • Work towards your goals
  • Save your time with simple digital sharing

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What is my Learning Journey?

Your Learning Journey is a secure place to document and reflect on your Early Years practise. The idea is born from a child’s learning journey through Early Years. The Learning Journey starts at your starting point and goes on a journey through your career. You can add ‘professional developments’ along the way including photos, PowerPoint's, videos, spreadsheets, notes and have space to reflect on your learning and how you have adapted your pedagogy. The Learning Journey documents everything that you would need to apply for a job, for example, your DBS number, QTS number etc. as well as your qualifications, employment history and references all in one place. The journey finishes with a future goals board. All of this information collates into an easy to download document ready to use to present to future employers giving you the optimum head start at interview.

Why did we create the Learning Journey?

Reflective practice is essential to working in Early Years, it is part of everyday teaching. Outstanding practice is a cycle of constant reflecting, reviewing and adapting and improving and you Learning Journey enables you to do this.

Teaching is a rewarding but often difficult job. As a forward-thinking organisation who wants to help Teacher’s and Early Years Professionals in every way we can, we saw there was a need for an easy digital document to keep a record of your journey, keeping information secure and presentable and very easy to update as you embark on your Learning Journey.

Who can use the Learning Journey?

All of our existing and new members will have access to the Learning Journey builder. It can be used for any position in Early Years, you don’t have to have QTS, you may find this useful if you are a Manager, Childminder or Teaching assistant. You can use this even if you are a few years into your journey, it can be started and updated at any time.

How do I know my information is safe? 

We take data protection very seriously. We appreciate your journey may contain sensitive personal data. You as the user are in control of who you share with and who can see your journey by deciding who you share your journey link with. We the administrators of the website have no access to your journey unless you share it with us even though the data is stored securely on our servers.  The only data which will be referenced generically from the data sources used in the journey is to determine the overall usage and data capacity limits.

How to create a Learning Journey