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May 28

Whitsun, also known as Pentecost, is a Christian festival that occurs 50 days after Easter Sunday, celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus. In the early years setting,

Whitsun can be celebrated in a way that is inclusive, focusing on themes like unity, community, and the beauty of different languages and cultures.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Whitsun in early years settings:

Make a “kindness tree”: Create a tree-shaped display in your setting, and encourage children to write or draw acts of kindness, friendship, and unity on paper leaves. Attach the leaves to the tree to create a visual representation of the positive values associated with Whitsun.

Organize a multicultural feast: Invite children and their families to bring in food from their cultural backgrounds to share with the class. This activity encourages appreciation for diverse cultures and fosters a sense of community.

Make and wear paper flame crowns: In the story of Whitsun, the Holy Spirit appeared as tongues of fire above the disciples’ heads. Create paper flame crowns with the children to represent this aspect of the story. They can wear their crowns while participating in Whitsun-related activities.

By celebrating Whitsun in your early years settings, educators can foster a sense of unity, community, and cultural appreciation among children.

Focusing on these universal themes helps create an inclusive environment that supports the social and emotional development of young children.


May 28
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