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Grandparents' Day is celebrated to show appreciation and love for grandparents and to recognize the important role they play in families and society. It's an opportunity to strengthen intergenerational bonds and for children to learn about their heritage and family history.

Here's how you can celebrate this day in an early years setting:

Storytime: Start by explaining what Grandparents' Day is and why we celebrate it. Share stories and discuss the special role they play in our lives.

Memory Books: Children can make memory books featuring pictures of them with their grandparents and memorable moments they've had together.

If possible, invite grandparents to the setting for a special celebration. This could include a tea party, a special performance, or a "show and tell" where they can share something interesting with the children, like a favorite book or a hobby.

Remember, some children may not have their grandparents in their lives. Make sure to modify activities to accommodate all students and their unique family situations. This might mean celebrating other older adults in the child's life or honoring the memory of grandparents who are no longer alive.