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To get involved with fundraising click here https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/campaigns/mental-health-awareness-week/get-involved

It is important to invest in yourself, everyone needs time on their own to do something they want to do. When you take time for yourself you are able to reboot and refocus so actually you will save time and increase your productivity when you do it. Do something this week to improve your mental health for example; join a gym, practise yoga and mindfulness, get jobs done that you are putting off, join the Early Years Staffroom which will reduce your stress and workload.


Resources for Mental Health Week

Kimberly Sminth Hygge in Early Years Wellbeing Training

This training video is by Kimberly Smith author of the amazing book ‘Hygge in the Early Years’ and is especially for the members of the Early Years Staffroom is 50 minutes long and covers the following: – What is Hygge? – Wellbeing of staff – Wellbeing of children – Understanding Hygge and how to implement in your environment Created January 2020 Please contact us at the Early Years Staffroom if you have any questions. DISCLAIMER – THIS VIDEO MUST NOT BE SHARED. IT IS THE PROPERTY OF THE EARLY YEARS STAFFROOM.LTD AND CAN ONLY BE VIEWED BY MEMBERS OF THE WEBSITE UNDER COPYRIGHT LAWS. PLEASE SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR FURTHER DETAILS.

Yoga Pose Posters

  These are A4 Posters with Yoga poses with picture demonstrations. These are ideal to laminate and have on the wall or to make a Yoga pose book.     This includes the following yoga poses Child Pose Warrior Pose Upward Dog Pose Triangle Pose Tree Pose Seated Twist Pose Boat Pose Bound Pose Salutation Seal Pose Mountain Pose 2 Pigeon Pose Mountain Pose Low Lunge Pose Head to Toe Pose Half Lord of the Fishes Pose Fire Log Pose Cow Face Pose Easy Pose Downward Facing Dog Pose Crow Pose Cobra Pose Bridge Pose