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Mid Autumn Festival / Moon Festival

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2023-09-29 23:59:59

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a traditional festival celebrated in many East and Southeast Asian communities. It's a time to appreciate the full moon, eat mooncakes, light lanterns, and gather with family.

Happy Moon Festival!  Chinese: 月亮节快乐

Mooncakes: While making real mooncakes might be too complex for young children, you could make playdough mooncakes or simple biscuits instead. You could also show the children a real mooncake, discuss its significance, and maybe give them a taste if dietary restrictions allows.


Lantern Making: Paper lanterns are a significant part of the festival. Provide materials for the children to make and decorate their own lanterns. For safety, you could use LED tea lights instead of real candles.

Cultural Exchange: If you have children in your setting from cultures that celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, encourage them to share their traditions.

Songs and Rhymes: Teach children simple songs or nursery rhymes about the moon. You could also have a special 'moon dance' to music.

These activities can help children learn about different cultures and traditions in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate way. Always be mindful of safety, particularly when it comes to food allergies and the use of small objects or lights.